About Us

Who We Are

First and foremost,  Phantom Airborne Brigade, Inc. (PAB) is a member-owned “Not For Profit” Florida based company. We have IRS 501(c)(3) status as a recognized charitable organization. As such, all donations (cash or kind) to us are/can be considered as USA Tax deductible. We have NO paid employees, everything done is by members volunteering time and funds. EVERY cent we have goes to supporting the original intent of the PAB and the betterment of the Airborne Brotherhood, by allowing continued involvement with the Airborne community before, during, and after Service to their country.

Here at Phantom Airborne Brigade Inc, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Since 1996 as a Brigade, and 1980 as a Battalion, we’ve been supporting our Airborne community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts. Just imagine what we can achieve together!

Phantom Airborne Brigade

What We Do

  • Formed around 1980 as Phantom Airborne Battalion (and upsized to Brigade when Generals started jumping in1997) by Military Trained Airborne Qualified personnel (of all ranks), with the aim of providing a platform for Active Duty, Retired, and or Veteran Paratroopers, to continue jumping in the manner they were used to while serving. The PAB has completed, without equipment malfunction, over 20,000 descents, more than any other single civilian round canopy group. Further the group is open to any member of the Military Trained Airborne brotherhood worldwide.
  • PAB provides a safe and secure environment for these unique, warriors to openly discuss Airborne lives and experiences with like-minded persons; these warriors are your worst enemy or your best and most reliable friend. To the non-airborne, civilian or soldier, they may seem weird or odd (especially when greeting each other), however, the Airborne Spirit is unique and is shared by every airborne soldier (parachute) worldwide.
  • If you are a military trained airborne paratrooper, from any nation, come down to the DZ and mix with like-minded individuals. I guarantee you will be hooked, and welcomed back by people you understand and trust.

How We Help

Now what do we do with the funds generated? 

The purpose of the funds or goods we collecte and distribute, is twofold:

First, Community:

First, to provide a platform for Airborne Qualified veterans, and active-duty personnel (of all ranks and services) to associate with each other and discuss the history and extent of their service in the airborne community. This interaction assists disabled (both physically and mentallyj, i.e. PTSD) veterans to be able to talk with like-minded individuals as to their personal experiences before and after service to their country, and through combined experiences can provide assistance with their in-service gained disabilities. It assists Active-Duty personnel in a similar way and gives them a path to make a smoother transition to civilian life by being able to discuss their experiences in a non-threatening environment. The above is particularly important as these paratroopers are very often reticent to seek help from others, often to their own detriment.

Second,  provide educational opportunities in the form of:

  • Partnering with other 501c3 (e.g. Vintage Aero Group, Valiant Air Command) and in providing for PreK and Kindergarten schools (by visiting them or them coming to the aircraft location) to learn the history of the airborne (WW2 to current day) by interaction with the equipment and personnel who took part in some of these operation (the oldest current active member is 87).
  • Providing demonstrations of airborne activities to civilians at airshows or, as of late, city organized and approved demonstrations (90 paratroopers into Lake Dora). These active demonstrations allow the purpose of educating the public to be achieved first by dramatic demonstration, and then by paratroopers mingling with the public displaying equipment used and carried as well talking about their service to the country.

All the above is at no charge to the recipients or other organizations, and funds come directly from us.

​We currently do not have the funds to be able to give to all that request. Therefore, we ask for your support for our ongoing activities.

Every cent gets to where it is appreciated and used.