1. Who is Phantom Airborne Brigade?
First and foremost, The Phantom Airborne Brigade Inc. (PAB) is a member owned “Not For Profit” Florida based company. We have IRS 501c(3) status as a recognized charitable organization. As such, all donations (cash or kind) to us are / can be considered as USA Tax deductible. We have NO paid employees, everything done is by members volunteering time and funds. EVERY cent we have goes to supporting the original intent of the PAB and the betterment of the Airborne Brotherhood, by allowing continued involvement with the Airborne community before, during, and after Service to their country.
In the 1980’s Phantom was known as the Phantom Airborne Battalion, in the 90’s when General’s joined we transformed to Brigade level.

2. Who can join Phantom Airborne?
a. Anyone can join and support Phantom, not all can jump(see item 3)

3. Who can jump with Phantom Airborne?
a. Any veteran that has been military trained at the jump school of military they where attached. This includes foreign veterans wishing to jump. You will be asked to supply picture of your DD-214 or other qualification proof. You would be considered a jumping member in good standing if dues are paid and you meet the above qualifications. Only Event members and Annual dues members in good standing can jump.

4. How do I signup?
a. Go to the the Phantom website, www.phantomairborne.us
b. Click Signup options.
c. Decide what membership you desire, Annual dues(full), Event membership (for only one event in a calendar year, your membership is cancelled after event occurs), Free (this only gets you on our email list), Support member (this is for people that don’t jump and want to help on the ground in various ways.)

5. What equipment do I need to jump?
a. Phantom provides all parachute equipment , this consists of SF10a, MC1-C,D, Set10 with MIRPS reserve. You must supply the uniform of the day.

6. What is the uniform of the day?
a. Water jump uniform:
i. TSHIRT, SHORTS, WATER SHOES or any shoes you don’t mind getting wet.
b. Land jump uniform:
ii. If you are just starting and have not gotten a set of multicam’s then you can wear the uniform you used while in service (if you can still fit in them)

7. How can I help when I am jumping or not jumping?
a. Let one of the officer listed in item 7 know you are available to help.

8. Who do I contact if I have more questions?
a. Marc Arnett marnett239@gmail.com
b. Chris Stephens Chris.spab@gmail.com
c. Greg Stanley gregstanley.pab@gmail.com

9. How often does Phantom jump
a. Phantom attempts to jump once a month. These standard monthly training jump are to keep the group current and suppling the adrenaline needed by some. We put on various Events during the year which includes , water jumps, land jumps celebrating occasions and those that have departed.

10. What is need if I want to jump with Phantom on a special external jumps when not hosted by Phantom Airborne?
a. Jumping public demo jumps, the FAA requires all jumpers be in current status (one jump in the last 180days). You also need to show members you have good canopy control, the best way to do that is jump often.

11. How do I buy Phantom Tshirts, coins, etc?
a. Goto www.PABqm.org, click on QM’s store.
b. Any questions with items contact Barrie Day, bazmiester21a@gmail.com

12. What aircraft does Phantom use for jumping?
a. C47 is used primarily for special event and water jumps. This aircraft will carry 20-22 jumpers, sometimes all will go out in a single pass but normally half load will exit per pass.
b. Twin Otter, this aircraft will carry up-to 15 jumpers, 3 exiting per pass while sitting in door.
c. We are always looking for different AC to jump.