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As always to jump with Phantom Airborne you must be a member, and to be a member you must be a veteran and attended your country’s jump school.

9/11 Memorial land jump- $125 – Sept 10th Zhills – first call 0600
Sept 24th water jump- $325 – Lake Dora- Tavares Fl- – standby only
Oct 8th land jump Zhills -$125 – first call 0600
Nov 12th Sunset/Night jump, $50 registration, $150 Sunset jump, $125 Night jump. If jumping night you must jump the sunset, you can just jump Sunset, if you wish.
Dec Toy drop 5th-10th, this jump is for the current Phantom Demo team, invitation only. Want to be part of demo team, jump often, proven canopy control and good PLF’s. Contact any Phantom JM or Officer.

We are working on 2023 manifest Dates
DZ’s To be Determined , dates could changed, added, or deleted.
Probable dates:
Jan 14th- Land
Feb 11th- Land
Mar 11th- Land
Apr 8th- Land
May 6th- Annual Ranger water jump, Lake Dora
June 10th- Land
July 8th water
Aug 12th- Land
Sept 9th- Land
Sept 23rd water
Oct 14th- Land
Nov 11th- Land
Dec 9th- Land